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Liccione's sculpture and functional art are for those with the eyes for the extraordinary. - Press-Journal

 "If you have seen Saturday-night Live, The Cosby Show, The Guiding Light, or Sesame Street on television, chances are you have seen Liccione’s mastery of steel, iron, and wood!"

"Liccione produced art in New York for television, film productions, and movies!  The artist has cultivated his own distinct style that takes form in chairs, tables, plant stands, sofas, beds, room screens, movie props, timepieces and sculpture. These creations - serving as furniture - function equally well as indoor or outdoor pieces. Liccione is an award-winning artist who has achieved notoriety in New York as well as locally. Today the artist’s sculptures serving as art furniture are in demand at art galleries and art museums." - Press-Journal.  "People who seek me out are people who are looking for a one-of-a-kind." Next

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