May 20, 2006           

The emergence of a new art movement

Creative Era Art  

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Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts Movement - now, the Creative Era Movement?

It’s an original blending of abstract sculpture inspired by nature, and tried and true, functional shapes of bygone eras. These creations - serving as furniture - function equally well as indoor or outdoor pieces.

The renown artist from New York, James Liccione, gleans his inspiration from the Rain Forest. As in the Rain Forest - the power to give life and spirit - is in the sculpture. The arched, and triumphantly soaring stems and trunks of iron and wood creations inspire delight, wonder, and a sense of peace that only great art can give.

Gone are the tidy aesthetic traditions of, side by side, mirroring shapes. Out the window are polite, befitting traditions in line and form. Changed to exuberance only by the artist’s creativity. Liccione’s design seems to have tossed restraints to the winds. It is luxurious, wild, full of daring and abandon, but first, enormously powerful and life-giving.

In relation to Creative Era, the closest is elegant Art Nouveau, (the decorative art and architecture prominent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries). Rhythmic relationship of linear and flowing curves and forms are the similarities. The effect - grace and balance.

This art furniture is a most tremendous artistic direction. Is this our artistic genius of this century? Who else would expose his work to the most critical of critics - nature herself - where his outdoor pieces must thrive amid the original shapes that inspire them?     

By Caryl Westergren



Creative Era Art  

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