Conservation Restoration Emergency Help Guide 

Conservation Restoration Emergency Help Guide

Metal Conservation Restoration Basic Guide

Cleaning Practices

For preservation sake - most objects should be kept free of dust, debris, and oily residues. Most often, it is not a good idea to aggressively clean metal nor most historical pieces.

When Disaster Strikes - Emergency Conservation Help. *The objects should be covered by a breathable tarp. For metal objects, sand and rocks any debris from a disaster are often of the most concern. Metal objects that have become wet during an emergency should be rinsed with clean water and towel dried as soon as it is practically possible, until the object can be examined by a conservator. Note, If you feel that you must do something before examination by a conservator - a clear paste wax can be used by you gently. Other questions about preserving your metal objects and other

 artifacts after a disaster can be answered by a local conservator, or ask James Liccione "Jim". He says, "It's o.k. you can send an e-mail."

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